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My Home Server

April 19, 2010 Leave a comment

My home server was in dire need of a rebuild. So, after doing a ton of searching and reading, I decided I was ready to under take the task of rebuilding my server and getting all of my data restored.

I started by removing my USB (Universal Serial Bus) Drive from the storage pool, to get all of my files onto the main drive and the 1TB drive left in the pool. I then followed this procedure, to get as much of the data onto the 1TB drive and off the primary drive, as possible. I also took one of the spare drives from my main Desktop system, to use as the new Primary drive for the server. This would allow me to maintain the original storage pool drives, while still reinstalling the WHS (Windows Home Server) OS (Operating System).

Once I got the OS installed and patched, up to Power Pack 1, I started the task of moving my data and shares from the old drives to the new one. I knew there would not be enough space on the primary drive, so I added the USB drive back into the pool at this point. Checking out the wiki post on We Got Served this seemed like it would be a pretty straight forward and relatively simple thing to do. Of course, with my luck, this was not to be so.

I got everything copied over from the 1TB drive and it was looking good (this only took about 16 hours to complete), but once I did a comparison of the pointers on the old primary drive, I found that a LOT of files were missing. After about 3 days of searching, I think I found all of my data. While not too difficult, it was a PITA, due to the way WHS handles the files on the storage pool. I had to search through the backup folders in order to find everything. At least I know how to do this, if I ever have to again. I think I am going to get a couple of extra drives just to use for data backups

All in All, it wasn’t to terribly bad. I did get a bunch of new website resources and I also found several new WHS Add-Ins. At least my computers will start getting back ups again.

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